Head Coach | Wrestling, Striking & MMA

I really enjoy watching people commit and develop in the sport over time. My goal is to make sure that I can provide each person the best level of technique that suites their own goals. A big part of this comes from making sure that I continue to be a student of the sport as well.


Head Coach | Boxing

A lifelong student of boxing and martial arts with over 200+ contests as a fighter, coach, corner, and cut man. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt under Jarod Lawton. Welterweight & Light Middleweight. My coaching goal is to see the legacy of my bloodline and coaches honored and continued. My training goal personally is to earn a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.


Head Coach | BoxFit

I started at Recon about 3 years ago. I began as a member taking BoxFit classes, enjoying the workout but wanting more technique so I started taking MMA classes and haven’t stopped since! I enjoy teaching and helping people to be the best version of themselves. I love seeing how people grow each time they come in. Their confidence grows, their skill and their strength. Recon isn’t just a gym, we all support and cheer each other on every single day. I love being able to be a part of the camaraderie. My goal is to always make sure everyone feels comfortable and motivated. Recon is a safe space for so many, so it is important to me that everyone feels that way walking through those doors.



Coach | Kickboxing

I have been training for several years and have competed in regional and national boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai matches. My goal as a coach is to pass on the lessons that others spent the time to teach me.


Coach | BoxFit

I focus on discipline, work ethic, self-control, as well as self-confidence. I found relating my experiences from where I was, to where I am, can immensely improve ones sense of self in their decision to return and continue with our programs. I want those who enter into these classes to feel grounded and confident in their choice to take on this adventure that they can carry with them throughout their everyday life. My goal as a coach is to not only prove what someone is capable of, on and off the matt, but to give that individual a clear perspective as to why they decided to make that leap in the first place. My goal is to emulate ones self worth, as well as the feeling of empowerment, i do not want people to compare their progress to others, it takes time. I am proud that we at Recon are a family, and I take that with me above everything else.

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